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Non-fanart background in BigBox Game view?


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Is it possible in the default BigBox theme to disable background images in the Game view? I don't particularly like how busy the fan-art is, and would prefer it just black or a static image.

I can see how to do this in LaunchBox, but is there an option in BigBox? Attached is all I'm seeing. It worked for Platform view, but don't see it for Game view. Am I missing something?




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Sorry for replying to an older topic, but could anyone tell me if this has been implemented yet?

I noticed I can go into launchbox and go into the options.  Then under Images -> Background Properties, I can uncheck everything and then under Default Background I can choose Use Custom Background.  This seems to work in Launchbox game view, however in the BigBox game view, the background is just black. 

Is there anyway I can add a custom background to show up in the game list view?  Maybe something in the themes xml files I can modify?


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I came across this thread about a month ago, and here I am again trying to make the UI look nice. i gave up last time, but i know there is a way! any help or tips on how to to this would be greatly apreciated! :D 
(btw, i've seen that this is possible judging by what i've seen on the Launchbox youtube channel; I thought i saw something similar to someone using default platform fan art)

Yeah, having logos as backgrounds doesn't really work; nor does having a black screen on 1000+ games in BigBox mode. I'm using the CleanBG theme. default platform fanart would be awesome if not alread possible.
A youtube tutorial would be Awesome!

Keep up the great work guys, I love what you all have created! :) <3 

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It seems like it should be a basic option. I wouldn't really want fanart for each game as that is just too much (busy). But what I would like is to just be able to select a general background image for the game list view. "Games list background" and when that box is checked BB looks in that platforms "game list background" folder for any images there and uses that.  Maybe if you have only a few there could be a timer option as well to cross fade into the next image.  Personally I would be putting one or a few darkened/slightly desaturated images of the console for the background.

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[ How to use custom platform  fanart backgrounds in LaunchBox BigBox ; Fixing black backgrounds in BigBox ]

I figured it out!
1. Open LaunchBox not BigBox

2. Tools > Options > Images > Background Properties (Disable ALL but "Fanart - Background")

3. Open HDD:\Users\*User Name*\LaunchBox\Images\Platforms\*Platform Name*\Fanart

4. Place your Image in the folder (I personally Rename the image to the same as the folder, in my case it is "Atari_800")

5. Open BigBox Go to Options > Image > "Use Platform Device Image Backgrounds" Enable it

BOOM!! it Works! that's what i did anyways.
you have this post to thank :)


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