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Choppy sound on Demul


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Yeah I don't think your system is quite up to what Demul requires for smooth gameplay.

It is the better emulator but requires more CPU and having an AMD CPU is usually not as good as an Intel. Having said that I use an AMD CPU but it is an 8350 running at 4 GHz and it runs Atomiswave stuff perfectly fine..

Demul is your only emulator option when it comes with Atomiswave games right now.

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RocketLauncher does stuff in the background through its AHK scripts and I don't use RL so I cannot tell you what to change.

But I can tell you to check your rom paths for the bios and games, also check that games load through Demul itself. If your paths are all set and correct and the games load through Demul they should load through Launchbox with the settings I have in those screenshots.

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