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touch dosbox is it possible?

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I use my surface pro 4 all the time and its frustrating not being able to use touch in my old games. So wondering if it is even possible to code a way to have an overlay or some other method to get touch working with dosbox games (other emulations would be cool to).


I read a while back about a possible method where someone had created a opengl or direct 3d or something like that, for dosbox and it was theoreticaly possible to get touch woking in that but when i tryed i couldnt get all the elements to work together.

Another thought is it possible to turn the screen into a giant trackpad screen and moving mouse was simply dragging finger on screen?


I love launchbox and really excited where its going. a great purchase in my opinion.


p.s. if a touch interface is possible its the kind of thing i would pay good money for.


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I believe so. Here is a video with some instructions in the description.

Also found another one for ScummVM:

Have never used or done this, so not sure well or if they even work as described.

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