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I tripped across this emulator while I am combing over my old crappy HyperSpin, never really worked install... hehehehehe...  I did a little research and it seems like this is worthy of being on the cab.

Dont know how to get it work though...  I got it launching and all but get this screen in Japanese that I can not make out what to do next.  I think I have to load roms in each port?

 I have the full rom set, but would love to try it out.  Anything Nintendo is hard to miss on.  Cant find any tutorials on LB either.



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On 9/13/2016 at 9:00 AM, latin625 said:

I got it.. I got it!!!!!  Use Snes and it runs fine!  Not a bad lil system.  Off to scrub the old drive some more for goodies.

I've tried this with Snes 1.53 and 1.60 and I can't get it to run. I have the Bios placed in the correct folders. Also, I've tried Retroarch aswell and the same. Whats with the multicart thing ? what do I need to do ?

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