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Complete Newbie having issues with MAME

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Hi everyone,

I am a complete computer and arcade newbie and am having issues installing MAME onto my Launchbox. I get to the install screen (image 1). I click 'OK' then I get to the emulator screen and click "Close" but the emulator doesn't show up. Am i doing something wrong?

Also when I try to add a ROM to launchbox nothing shows up either, it doesn't read the zip file. Can someone help me out or link me to a tutorial for loading MAME. I watched the launchbox video for mame but it doesnt tell me how to install the emulator. 


Install Screen.PNG

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Your Mame emulator details window needs some settings changed. Ignore the "nn" in my mame exe, that's just my renamed executable I use.

Do you have the Arcade platform set in your Associated Platforms tab ?

Since you are new to Mame I suggest starting out with the UI version for setting it all up and getting things working. After you get the hang of that then move over to the command line version if you wish to.

Without getting into a full blown tutorial the key things to have correct in Mame is the rompath set within mame and the rom files including system bios files if needed for that particular arcade game. NeoGeo, Capcom games like Street Fighter and some others have them so just getting a small handful of roms can be trickier to get working than a full rom set. If you use MameUI you audit your roms individually and it will tell you if there are missing roms such as bios that is expecting to find if it doesn't find them.


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