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Nostalgia |4:3| video Set

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I'm still learning aftereffects so this was my first attempt at a playlist video. It's for mega man. Think it came out okay, but I'll still need to do something for the middle tv other than just a sta

@Dan, I have posted a new video for Handheld LCD games in my additions sections for both 16x9 and 4x3. I hope it works for you.

UPDATE with both design for the Super Nintendo. (SNES + Super Famicom) No change on first one. Only renaming. Super Nintendo Entertainment Sys

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13 hours ago, jxds78002001 said:

Someone make a 16:9 version, However, I need a 4:3 version for my old television.

Many Thanks!

I made the 16:9 versions. I got permission from Viking to create those and your 4:3 set since he is so busy. I will try to get the 4:3 versions posted in a couple of days.

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Truly great work for the cause Viking! Many thanks. I just downloaded a couple of the platform videos in 16:9. My favourite view is the one where the platform video fills the whole screen. A problem I have with that view just now is that the wheel/menu disappears after about a second using that theme. It reappears if I press up or down to scroll, but I would prefer it to stay as I think it looks a bit odd with the wheel missing.

Is the wheel supposed to disappear, and if so how can I make it stay? Many thanks!

PS is there a list somewhere of all the platforms/categories/playlists supported in this pack?

Edited by Dan
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Thx @Dan !

For the wheel, it depends on the theme you are using, not videos. What theme do you use?
For the list, I stopped editing it because too many videos were created. Sorry ...

It's been a while since I have not updated my videos / theme / clearlogo. Work and children take time!
I try to come back quickly with lots of new stuff!

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16 hours ago, JPGIII said:

Amazing video sets. Would it be possible to have the "Favorites" one say "Playlists" in the middle or one that just has another video playing in the middle with nothing being said?

Which "Favorites" video? There are two of them.

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