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Dark Souls 3 Flash Sale

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Just a bit of a PSA that Dark Souls 3 is on sale (with 3 days remaining) on Gamesplanet for $29.12~ and the Digital Deluxe edition (DS3 + Season Pass) is $48.55~. The price is in pounds which is why the amounts are a bit odd. The normal full price on these are $60 and $85 respectively at the moment, so that's pretty darn good.




Full disclosure, I've not used this site before, but I found multiple game deal subreddit threads saying that the site is legit. I went ahead and purchased the Digital Deluxe version so I'll report back when everything's complete. It would seem they have some kind of payment review process (which I guess is probably reasonable considering I'm purchasing internationally) so my purchase is currently "in review". You also have to link your account to your public steam profile or one of several social media sites; that's not exactly unusual either.

Anyway, if anyone is interested but is hesitant about the site itself, I'll be the guinea pig xD

Purchase In Review.JPG

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Love it. I love the entire series. I'd rank it above 2 and probably a tie with 1. It's the best looking game in the series, for sure. The world design is better than 2, but not quite as good as 1. The combat feels noticeably faster than the previous games. I think they took some cues from Bloodborne on that one. Overall I'd say I enjoy the combat more than the previous games, once you get used to the speed of it (I think it makes the game a bit harder though, at first at least). It's got great enemy design, with a number of them falling squarely into nightmare-fuel territory. I thought that 2 had an overabundance of "dude in armor" enemies, including the bosses, but I think 3 is much better in that regard.

If you like the series at all, I'd definitely say go for it. I'm currently working my way through the Ashes of Ariandel DLC. I've beaten every boss in the main game except for the last one - I'm basically just clearing everything else out first. I've level 155 and still on the first playthrough haha.

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