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SNK Neo Geo Video assignment

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Hi there,

I'm quite new in the world of LB. Maybe its a noob questions, but I can't figure out how to match the Neo Geo Videos of Emumovies to LB. When I import the Neo Geo roms, LB renames/creates all media files to/with their real names. On the Emumovies ftp, all games are named like the roms (e.g. alpham2 in an folder named SNK Classics ). So LB does not load anything and the video folder remains empty. When I do an import in LB with the System SNK classics, the video files are downloaded, but the right naming of the games and the metadata is not present. Does anybody have an advise?


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Media will automatically get added in to LaunchBox, if it's in the proper folders, and if it's named properly. LB picks it up if it's named after the entry inside of LauchBox or the file names as well. The most common situation will be that the media will be named after the game name inside of LaunchBox as most users use the Metadata and Media downloaders to download all of their metadata, images, and from EmuMovies, images, music, manuals and video. If you have a pack, and it's named after the rom files, just drop it in and you should be good to go.

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