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40 minutes ago, Dan said:

Just trying to get it to work, but the main menu has stopped showing. It will start up and I can hear the sounds so I think the menu is there - it just won't show in the screen!

If I load a game (without being able to see which one as the menu won't show), then the game runs fine. If I then quit the game and go back to the menu, I can see the menu! But if I then exit and restart AAE, the menu disappears again. Any help appreciated!

EDIT - it seems to be that turning on the bezel art causes the above problem! Weird. I would like to be able to use the bezel art though. Any ideas?

Yup!  The bezel will knock it out unless you are using something like Rocketlauncher.  Honestly, when I play Asteroids or Major Havoc, I don t have bezels on at all.  If you use rocketlauncher you may have better success, but that also is a bit of a curve to learn.  So it works, WITHOUT any bezels, yes?

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