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FirebrandX Unsaturated-Final NES Palette

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If you are using Retroarch and the Nestopia core update it to the latest and in the core options with the emulator open you will find this new version of the palette. If you aren't using Retroarch depending on the emulator you are using you can download and the palette file and use it. I know puNES uses it but I don't know what other ones allow this.

Here is the website for FriebrandXs palette files and more information on what they are and why they are good. Basically you want it because your NES emulation may not be outputting the correct colours.


The download link is the big green "Unsaturated-Final Palette for Emulators"

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I'm OCD enough to actually do this but holy crap this is a new level of nitpickiness haha

Thanks for posting this. I had no idea this was even a thing.

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