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Unable to open Genesis games through Launchbox - Retroarch works fine

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Hello all!

Launchbox/BigBox has worked fine for me since I switched to it earlier this year, but recently it has stopped working for one particular system: Sega Genesis. All my ROMs use Retroarch as the emulator and all the paths/settings/etc have all stayed the same. Nothing has changed. As of right now, only Genesis doesn't work, all the other systems work fine.

In either Launchbox or Big Box, when I try to play a Genesis game, it tries to load, and then does nothing. When checking the Emulation tab under the "Edit Game" property, it's pointed to Retroarch, and I don't have any special commands running. Everything is default.

Now, when I go into Retroarch and launch a Genesis game, works fine.

What's the next thing I should check? 

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Edit the emulator, check the associated platforms tab. Double check the name and the default command line parameter for Genesis. Make sure the name here in Associated Platforms matches the name of your platform on the left panel in LaunchBox, and make sure the command line is still accurate. There are 2-3 cores for Genesis available, so if the command line is set to the core you were using before, try a different one.

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Hot damn, you guys are fast!

Ok, I see the problem, it's set to "genesis_plus_gx_libretro.dll", but I was using "picodrive_libretro.dll". 

Odd, because I never changed anything in either Retroarch or Launchbox. Or at least not that I remember. 


Anyway, thanks for the help! Works perfect now! :D

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