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Save Game Files Sharing through LB Games DB

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Hey guys. At the request of @Vlansix, I'm copying a post here that I posted on another thread for the Launchbox Games DB. It's a pretty big proposal idea. I think it's pretty cool, and if you think so too vote for this ticket on Bitbucket here.

"I requested a while ago (like a year ago) the possibility of adding shareable save files for games hosted through the Games DB, but there wasn't enough attention focused on the Games DB from Jason at the time for anything feasible to happen.

As great as emulation is, one problem is that (with modern games) when you play any games you beat as a kid, you don't have any of the saved progress from playing that game when you emulate it. Sure, you can beat the game, if you have the time now, but that's very inconvenient. Us adults don't have all day now, do we? Plus, there currently is no way to back up these save files or easily share them with the community for all users to enjoy.

Enter a new feature for the Games DB, "Save Files". Here, anyone can upload their save files to the LB Games DB, can insert comments on the save file (i.e. 100% completed game save file. All missions complete etc.) and once that save file is submitted, other users can download the save file directly from the database and insert it into their emulator save directory folder (that takes some user end knowledge, I confess) and can play the game with everything unlocked before ever booting the game!

I admit, one issue right now is that there are so many save file extensions that it would confuse users on which save files are compatible with which emulators. There's two solutions for that IMO:

     1) Allow only .srm save files for the time being, because .srm save files are the universal standard for RetroArch and can be used as the standard for the Games DB for the time being, if this request isn't too nutty. Since most platforms are currently emulated in RetroArch, and it's probably the most popular emulator available, this may be a good starting point.

     2) Have another field upon uploading of the database that allows check boxes or a quick single line entry of which emulator this file is compatible with. I admit, this option is probably much more work, but it could be a better long-term solution. You'd also have to allow all extensions to be upload-able, not just .srm extensions.

Any feedback on this idea would be appreciated. I already have save files ready to be uploaded (in .srm format) that I want to both back up and share with the community. If you feel that this idea may be too complicated for the end user, then I can make a tutorial video on how to do it properly with RetroArch. The video may not be the most professional, but I'll do my best :)"

Let me know what you guys think. Any feedback is appreciated. And again, vote for the ticket if you like the idea!

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Thanks again @Charco. Sorry for the confusion. Vlansix wanted me to move it to this thread and he wanted me to move the Bitbucket ticket to the Games DB Bitbucket page (I didn't know one existed until today). This might end up being better for the long-run because my ticket won't get lost in the sea of tickets for the general LaunchBox Bitbucket page. Thanks again for the vote man.

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