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Open - Moderation problems - Issues #86, #46, #179, #210, #105, #168, #266, #274, #300


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Hiya guys,

Aye, I've been mulling that feature around for a little while. It's one of the things I intend to add shortly. 

I am thinking that I'll add a "Propose changes" button to the moderation page, which will allow you to change/add any field to that specific request. Once a change request has proposed changes, I'll reset its approval/denial count, which would then send it back through moderation normally.

So as to prevent trolling, I'd limit the reset count to three, which would make any further edits impossible to that specific request set, but would probably give us enough tries to get it right as a group :).

Make sense?

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hi there something really crazy is going on with the moderation i have just had a game  " inferno climber " on pc windows i looked to make sure it is not there allready and it was so i rejected it and then the next 5 or 6 games to be moderated are also inferno climber  has this been added mutilple times or is the rejection not working correctly

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