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Retroarch Startup Guide w/ Pictures

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Part 1 - The Basics, Getting Up and Running This is going to be a basic getting started tutorial guide for Retroarch with pics. I was thinking

Part 2 - Settings Now that you got games up and running it's time to make some tweaks to make playing your games more responsive and enjoyable. While the out of the box settings work well enough

Part 3 - Bios and Shaders First let's start with the easy section, bios. Bios need to be placed in the \system\ folder within your Retroarch in

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Updated the guide to include a link to a post over on the Retroarch forums dealing with Audio / Video Synchronization, this was something I left out of the guide originally since it was a bit more advanced and outside the scope of the guide originally.

Here is a link to the Retroarch forum thread, https://forums.libretro.com/t/perfect-audio-video-synchronization/12072

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@Lordmonkus I'm a little late to the party, like 2 years, but are there any recommended updates to this excellent guide since we've moved to version 1.8.8 of Retroarch?  I don't know if there are any significant changes between the version you used for illustrative purposes and the current iteration.

Thanks for all you contribute to the emulation community and for your response to my inquiry.


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2 hours ago, bsweet0us said:

are there any recommended updates

Nope, it's all still pretty much relevant to the current versions. This guide was meant to be a fairly basic beginners guide to get up and running quickly and easily. I ignored the vast majority of the more advanced features because that would just turn the guide into an unwieldy mess and if people need to know more about that there is a great documentation section over on the Libretro website. https://docs.libretro.com/

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