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Are you interested in a custom libretro firmware for bliss-box 4play?

are you interested?  

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Hi there!

I use a blissbox 4play for all my console emulation needs. It's a 4-player adapter for many different pads. Get your's here if you haven't already: http://skunx7.wixsite.com/bliss-box

Thanks to Launchbox I found out about retroarch/libretro and I think if used together with a blissbox 4play, it can be to console emulation what the mame+i-pac/x-arcade combination is to arcade emulation.

I came up with a button scheme for the bliss-box 
that maps the pads connected to the blissbox to the corresponding RetroPad acccording to this scheme I found in the retropie wiki

If I got the layout right (please help me by pointing out any mistakes I made in my spreadsheet) this should allow for a true plug and play experience if used with libretro.

I talked with the creator of the 4play and he said if enough people are interested he might add support for the libretro layout. He even made a facebook post about it: https://www.facebook.com/blissboxadapter/?hc_ref=PAGES_TIMELINE&fref=nf

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yes, that was my initial plan, but it gets even better now: sean from bliss-box is currently sending a box to a retroarch dev in europe so retroarch can use the blissbox api which might lead to all kinds of awesome stuff :-D I'm waiting for a dreamcast emulator to output the vmu on the actual vmu I have connected :-D

So for now I'll just remap when I switch pads. Also, I highly recommend getting a saturn pad, they are really, really nice!

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