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Flash Hiders vs Flash Hiders Taikenban

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I was finishing up my PC-Engine CD games today and came across the two games in the title I ran both of them and they are definitely different games but I can't turn up a cover for Taikenban anyone have separate covers for these games.

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As far as I can tell they are 2 versions of the same game. According to the internet,"Taikenban" translates to demo version so maybe it was a store demo.

I launched them both and they seem identical except that Taikenban has  the following differences:

  •  There is a new option in the main menu called "Demo play" option that loops the intro animation and some demo fights, 
  • "Advance Mode" is greyed out and not selectable.
  • Only 4 characters are available.
  • Bang's portrait looks like an older version with less shadows.

I played for a little bit and couldn't find any other notable changes. I hope this is useful.


Mode Select.png


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