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Hey all, quick introduction: I'm THK, section admin to the HS forum's artwork section and contributing member.

Once HyperBase was announced I thought the system logos looked a bit low res and set out to make everything high res and vector. Many more systems were added then the list I originally went by and I've redrawn a big chunk of arcade manufacturer/publisher logos whilst I was at it.

Now I haven't come across them here and since no centralized site/community for creating FE related artwork has yet come to fruition, I'd though I'd share them here with you all.


As I'm totally new to this site, I have yet to read up on uploading policies here, so for now, here's a google drive link (Still WIP, not everything is complete and some minor things might still have to be fixed)

I've redrawn as much as possible in .ai (drag & drop into PS to set the desired size or run a batch) and there's also 1000px wide .png previews included (for purposes of showing them off in the WIP threads and for ppl who don't want to deal with .ai)


Feel free to use these in other created FE media and wheel sets. And feel free to give me some credit when using these for all my hard work ;)

Credit/thanks to SpotUp for contributing to this set (a few of his still to be added) and SubZero for his Arcade Classics logo.


Pen-Tool Power logo_sig.png

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Some system logo examples

HBmame 2.png

Taito Type Xzero.png

Commodore Max Machine 3.png

Commodore VIC-20.png

APF MP-1000 2.png

Sega Genesis.png

Sega Genesis 1.png

Sega Mega Drive.png

Sega Mega Drive II.png

Nintendo Super Gameboy.png

Nintendo Game Boy Color 2.png

Tiger Game.com.png

Watara Supervision 5.png

Everything here is in vector except the last one as the bevel effect was very hard to get correct in Illustrator. But overall nearly everything is in glorious vector :)

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21 minutes ago, kmoney said:

@THK These look awesome... as these are super high quality and some of the best I have seen. Great job and thanks for sharing!

Thanks, got some practice making HS themes :) (especially the Genesis & Megadrive logos were a pain, but with a satisfactory result, unlike more basic redraws of the official logos to be found online)

Sometimes I got lucky and could find a good version online, but often vector logos for other systems on the same site(s) and google images (filetype:svg) are more of the VectorMagic / AI Image Trace kind, so basically useless.

And rather than messing around with fonts that are 'close enough' I often find it faster and more accurate to just redraw everything by hand.

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On 1/3/2017 at 10:53 PM, Rincewind said:

Hats off for the Megadrive one, even the Gameboy Color must of been harder than it first looks. Thanks for sharing all your hard work

Actually the genesis was about as much time, doing the bevel and all the gradients by hand (as they are in different angels etc)

As for the GBC, was actually easier then it seems. Just had to figure out a new trick with having multiple drop shadows (from the same individual letter hovering above it, but outside of view due to clipping masks) projected on each individual letter. Actually helped me out on some more beveled logos as AI's 3D/extrusion function is kinda crap when not in perspective. Result is not completely accurate, but close enough.

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11 minutes ago, THK said:

Cool, any particular project?

finally digging in and setting up a massive LB/BB build. I think i settled on a theme and was looking for a Sega Mark III logo since i have all my systems separated by region. I did a quick google search and decided let me start here and low and behold, i found what i was after.


Any chance of a PC-98 and PC-88 logo?

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7 minutes ago, alexis524 said:

Any chance of a PC-98 and PC-88 logo?

They're done by SpotUp, just haven't added em to my set yet (as I mentioned in the original post)

In the mean time you can get them in this HS forum thread

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