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BigBox hangs with Logitech F710 controller

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LaunchBox works fine with my Logitech F710 controller (detected as "Logitech Cordless Rumblepad 2 USB").

However, when I switch to BigBox, it works fine with a keyboard, but the moment I configure BigBox to use the Logitech controller, the system hangs with just the text "Arcade" shown at the top left and the rest of the screen blank.  The only way to get out of this is to bring up task manager and kill the BigBox process.

Any ideas anyone ?  

I'm running launchbox/bigbox 7.4

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It works fine with my Logitech F710 wireless controller but I have run into an issue where about 50% of the time when I exit a game I do not have control of BigBox until I press an arrow key on my keyboard which gives BB a "jolt" and the controller works again.

I thought I had this issue solved a couple of days ago but it has come back up. I will have to try and different controller and see if that helps.

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