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If you use STEEM for your Atari ST emulation, here's a quick AHK script to Pause/Unpause the emu using a controller button.

I setup ALT+P using the STEEM Shortcuts to Toggle Start/Stop Emulation. When the emulation stops, STEEM drops you out of fullscreen. If you resume by pressing ALT+P again, STEEM leaves you in window mode, but.. If you turn fullscreen on instead, the emulator resumes automatically.

So the script bellow - mapped to my 4th controller button 20 - works as follows (using MyC:=!MyC: as an on/off switch): when you press the button it sends ALT+P to STEEM to pause the emu entering window mode. The next time you press the button it sends ALT+Enter to revert to fullscreen and resume the emulation. Repeat...

; Pause
#If ( not WinActive("steem") )
If GetKeyState("4Joy20")
   SetKeyDelay, -1, 110
   if MyC = 1
     Send !{p}
     Send !{enter}

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