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Having difficulty with animated gifs


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I have worked through the tutorials on YouTube for theme creation but cannot add an animated gif to the theme I am making. despite several attempts I cannot get the animated gif to work. I have added the required line to the user control section on the view. 

With this line in place it will then accept and recognise the <image gif: tag. However, when I try putting image behavior after the tag it is not recognised as a valid property and neither is animated source. With these in place I get an error notification and the view does not load.

Any ideas what I am doing wrong or what I have missed?







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Thanks @Jason Carr and no need to apologise, the effort you put into this app and the support from both yourself and the community is phenomenal and the best I have known for any application. there are bound to be certain bits that break when new features are put in place that is just par for the course with systems development. It's  just good to know that It's not something I was doing wrong. 



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@Maddoc1007 - I tried the file from the download and it generates an error both in visual studio and when used in the cabinet. The error is attributed to the transitions assembly. I also tried taking the lines for the gif animation directly out of the file and placing into the view I am working on (the xmlns line and the actual control) and get the same error as I did when taking these lines from the tutorial @Jason Carr created - which is in essence that the animatedsource is not a valid property.

Any idea what I am missing/doing wrong?

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@shro2016 Yes i figured it out 

These lines need to be changed




Here is the revised Coverflow for you also read the readme




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