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My Retro Gaming Room (work in progress)

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Yep its pretty easy. Make a copy of the save folder and paste it into google drive, delete the the original location save folder. Then create a symbolic link from the save folder on google drive into the directory the original save was from. Now your saves are synced across all devices, repeat same steps on another PC but now you can just create the symlink from the google drive to the default save location. 

Its great because now I can play on any of my PC's and continue on any my PC's. The saves are permanently backed up and you can also revert a save file to an earlier point.

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Even better. My SO jokes because I've looked at my setup and been like "I'm finally finished" so many times in the last 5 years and yet two or three weeks later I'm zoned out with it for an entire weekend. Looks like symlinks will be my Saturday fun. Hahaha

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13 hours ago, Zombeaver said:

Love it dude! I'd love to do some game artwork. Right now it's just some framed movie posters for me.

My cat likes to "help" while I'm working on stuff.


I love tux cats. I have two blackcats myself. Arcade expo is coming up soon so I plan to have a nice haul of artwork this year to finish the room.

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