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Solution for Final Burn Alpha's "problem setting display mode" error on game launch.

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I was getting the same error everyone was seeing in the video tutorial for Neo Geo and Neo Geo CD set up.  I tried changing the following settings through the GUI menus first, then saving the changes from the tools menu, but it wasn't actually writing those changes to the .ini, so I opened the .ini and wrote the changes directly, and now it works perfectly, no more errors.  Here's how I solved it:

1.  Go to your Final Burn Alpha emulator folder.  Go to the config folder.  Open fba64.ini in your preferred text editor.

2.  Switch the following values to your monitor's resolution.  nVidHorWidth and nVidVerWidth should have the same value, and nVidHorHeight and nVidVerHeight should have the same value.  For example, a 1920x1080 monitor would change as follows:

            nVidHorWidth 640 to nVidHorWidth 1920
            nVidHorHeight 480 to nVidHorHeight 1080

            nVidVerWidth 640 to nVidVerWidth 1920
            nVidVerHeight 480 to nVidVerHeight 1080

3.  Change the bit-depth to 32-bit:

            nVidDepth 16 to nVidDepth 32

4.  Switch to full-screen as soon as the rom loads:

            bVidAutoSwitchFull 0 to bVidAutoSwitchFull 1

5.  And, most importantly, select the DirectX9 Alt blitter:

            nVidSelect 0 to nVidSelect 4

6.  Save and close the .ini file, and now when you start your games, you won't receive that pesky "problem setting display mode" error.

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I did what you say changing my resolution to 2736x1824 and the other points but my FBA now shows this message: "problem setting '1368x912x22bpp (60Hz)' display mode"..


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