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I've looked around the forum and found quite a few people posting information about getting a tankstick to quit the games but I can't seem to get mine to be able to start one.  I've tried all the buttons but none of them allow me to start a game from inside Launchbox or MAME.  I can quit the game just fine once I'm inside it but I have to use my mouse in order to launch a game.

I tried to go under the options to set a button but when I click the option it prompts me to "hit the button" but it won't accept any button I press on my tank stick.  It just sits at that screen.

How do I setup my tank stick to allow me to start games from Launchbox with needing my mouse?


Also I've noticed my tank stick seems sluggish with the games.  I've tried several different games and they play well but the controls just seem...slow.  Is this common or is there a setting that I'm missing?


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Yes, you simply set the LB keyboard mappings to use your desired x-arcade buttons as if the x-arcade is a keyboard. I use the left side button on my x-arcade to exit games/emulators because I have that button programmed as the escape key, for example. 

See if you can use your keyboard keys (same ones as you have your x-arcase set to)  to do what you want. If you can, then x-arcade should work too.

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You are correct as I also have a tankstick. All you do is set up keyboard mappings (not joystick mappings) in bigbox. Arrows are already correct, just need to change the other buttons to you preference.

Yes, the trackball will work as a mouse, but unnecessary.

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