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Frameset and frames page names please

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Hi Maddoc

Got a question for you.

I did something but I don't know what exactly and somehow the Arcade platform game page has changed and display the screenshot image at 2 places including the top left that was reserved for the box cover.


Now what's interesting is that it's not a hardcoded glitch because when I leave the Arcade platform and enter another one like Atari2600 then in the game page I can see the box cover as shown here.


Now you may say that it's because I don't have the cover for Arkanoid or any other Arcade platform games but I do have those and I saw them fine until I fuc*ed something and now I see 2 screenshot images but again, only in the Arcade Platform.


So what's the problem here? How can the same gameview xml page display 2 different displays?



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