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Retroarch Not Opening PS1 Games

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6 minutes ago, CTRL-ALT-DEFEAT said:

No problem. And just another FYI, for Mednafen, it will ONLY load your game from the CUE sheet. You need the BIN, but you can't point Medanfen at it and expect it to run.

Also, CUE sheets are plain text files, so something else you might check is opening the file in Notepad, and make sure the file name at the top is pointing to a .BIN and not a .ISO and that the filename itself matches the filename of your.BIN. If it's not the same, just fix it in the CUE sheet and then click File -> Save. This doesn't happen very often, but it is necessary to fix from time to time.

IT WORKED!!!!!  FINALLY, HOLY MOLY!!!  Thanks for the help!!

One more question.  Is there a command to have games start up in fullscreen automatically when opened from Launchbox? (ie. -f)

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Awesome! Glad you got it going!

For RA, you can set it to Fullscreen under Settings -> Video in the UI, which will also run games in fullscreen.

You can technically use command line (-f or --fullscreen for RA), but it's pointless to do (and you'd need to add into a shortcut for the RA EXE and not in the command line options LB) because you can't run games in fullscreen while keeping RA windowed, so if you are preferring that... you can't do it at the moment, but maybe that will change that down the road.

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4 hours ago, Flintz said:

Awesome, thanks! I'll definitely look into this for sure!

Same thing was happening to me with megaman 8 and castlevania. worked in epsxe but not retroarch.  

Solution ended up being to get the iso's from a different site.

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