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Launchbox Bigbox update 7.5 with Mame


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Then you would really love the enhancements that have come since 122. In recent versions there have been new and better shaders to replicate a CRT  and with the latest 182 build there is Port Audio which gives extremely low latency audio, 0.0033 ms which is practically 0 delay.

Feel free to check out my guide I did on Mame for beginners to start out with here:

If you aren't on a bad internet connection and got bandwidth I would highly recommend updating to a new rom set and Mame version. So much has improved since 122.

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If you go for the new rom set, make sure to grab a MAME .182 non-merged rom set for best compatibility, because as far as I can tell .182 split is broken. Our Channel also has lots of MAME tutorials as well. The main MAME one is using an older version of MAME and the rom set, but it's otherwise the same and you can plug in .182 where applicable, oh and that it needs to be non-merged (merged also doesn't import correctly in to LB, split is broken).

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