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Hey guys,

I've just started using LaunchBox, and I can already tell you that it is beyond all other applications. Management is a complete cinch!

My only issue I've conceived so far is that while I can add a tonne of emulators to the application, some of my games are stored in compressed archives while aren't. This isn't a problem, but what is is remember how I'm handling some of these things on the backend.

For example, while I have retroarch extracting archives prior to booting them, I have PCSX2 not doing so, and instead having the emulator handle the decompression with their own method. I also know that I've modified the data of some of the games in my collection for one reason or another. It'd be nice if, within the menus for emulators and games, I was able to leave myself helpful little notes to review if I ever encounter and issue and need to change anything. I know that this is kind of technically possible with a commented out message within the autokey header, but I'd rather avoid that for the sake of keeping things clean.


I'm not sure if this is really a feature that people are going to want, as I know that we could just keep a little notepad file somewhere, but I thought it might help people who are arranging complex setups.



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