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EpicFail ScummVM Launcher

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This is the scummvm launching system I use with launchbox.  Most importantly this allows you to get art and videos for BB.  It works for me, so I'm sharing it.  


Put these 2 files in your scummvm directory same directory as your scummvm.exe. I'm using currently.  

This is how I use it.  

1st is to open ScummVM and do a "Mass Add"  if you don't know what that is hold the shift button down and the add button on scummvm will  change.  You could skip this if you already have your games loaded in scummvm.  

After that close scummvm and assuming you have python 2.7 installed run the INSTALL_LAUNCHER.py.  

This will automatically grab the ini file generated in %appdata% by scummvm and parse it.  It finds the english versions, attempts to sort out windows and pc platforms if the info is available.  Prioritized in the order of windows, then pc, then unlabeled removing duplicates.  Then it attempts to match the emumovies name, if that fails the name is the description of the game.  Finally the script creates a "launchers" directory in your scummvm directory with a bat file for each game.


Setup the emulator for ScummVM and pick the SCUMMVM_LAUNCHER.bat file as the executable.

import roms - pick the launchers folder to import.

Enjoy in BB, with art and videos!



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