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I thought I would start a thread for discussing audio setups. What do you have? What do you want? What do you like?  I'm not talking about specifically those that buy $12,000 headphones or believe they can hear frequencies beyond that of dogs, just people that enjoy pursuing auditory excellence in one way or another. Could be relative to gaming, music, movies, whatever.

For my part, I own some higher-end AV equipment and speakers (relative to budget, I suppose), but try to buy closeout stuff or find good deals. We're doing some home renovations, so my home theater and listening room are non-existent at the moment, but I still try to work with what I've got.

In my office - where my primary gaming computer is located, I've got an older Yamaha RXV863 powering Definitive Technologies BPX speakers and a Rel Q201E sub. It took a while to find a configuration that provided a good sweet spot for listening relative to my seating position in the room, but it works well for most music and games I play.

In the current living room which has a more open design, I had to opt for displacement over refinement to get something that worked well. In there I've got another stereo setup in lieu of a full surround setup. Yamaha RXA3000 powering two Definitive Technologies BP7002 towers and an older Klipsch 12" sub. This setup is connected to our Kodi PC, Xbox 360, WiiU, and the N64 and is primarily for watching movies and TV, but when I'm home alone, it's where I listen to music... really, really loud. Scares the kittehs.

My arcade machine is less impressive, but consists of the TV speakers (Sony FWD42PV1 speakers) and a Rel Q108 sub. It's loud and clear enough, though, to feel the punches and articulate all the bleeps and bloops I love to hear. I may eventually incorporate a proper amplifier and some better speakers, but it's very low priority.

The home theater used to be the RXA3000 powering four BP7002 towers, two BPX presence height channels, CLR3000 center, and a couple subs, but the future theater will be much more robust. I'm planning on building most of my own speakers and my own subs. It should put anything I currently own to shame as well as make me prematurely deaf.

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