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Has anyone converted gdi to chd?

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Just came across this thread and for people in the future.... I believe chdv5 does give you a bigger reduction in file size over chdv4 MAME standards. I know a guy that done this recently after I did and got much bigger savings than myself.

i will try and get back to this post with some more information.

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This was the info I got off the guy I know who converted his gdi's recently

"Hello, sorry for the tardy reply. So v5 was introduced into mame at version 0.146 (march 2012). Any Mame version  prior to that one comes with chdman v4.
The main difference between the two is that v4 uses zip compression while v5 uses LZMA , Huffman and Flac compression. The syntax was also slightly changed from v4 to v5. You can still make v4 chd files with the latest chdman if you specify the compression to be zlib (Deflate)
I didn't use a specific script/program. I just took the chdman.exe from the mame build I had at the time (0.180) and looked at how the syntax needed to be. Then created a batch file from scratch which unzipped my roms to a temp dir and have chdman convert the extracted gdi to chd and moving that to a 'finished' dir. Delete the temp files and have the batch move onto the next file.

Also it's possible to go back to the gdi file if you use the command "chdman extractcd"

Side note Demul is the only emulator I know of compatible with V5 and reicast is only compatible with v4.

just drop a chdman.exe in with your .bat and roms, from MAME version 0.145 or below for v4 or latest version for v5

may  help someone in the future if they come across this topic.

chdman can do a few things and there is a gui for it at progettosnaps somewhere although I have not used that and don't know anything about its compatibility 

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Just now, MijacOnAir said:

Really appreciate it mate!

Have just stumbled upon another topic in which you and another user are uploading different versions.

Quick question:

Does it also work with CDI files? If not, do you know the process to follow to get these into CHD? Many thanks!

It doesnt work for CDI games its cue/bin and gdi/bin only. I think i'm right in saying that CDI is already a compressed format.

I just have my CDI's mixed in with my CHD's.


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32 minutes ago, DOS76 said:

yeah before converting any of you files you should probably see if the emulator is able to access that file type. RetroArch Demul and MAME are the only three emulators I know of that support CHD

Yeah, that's what i did (just ran a test with a couple of files...)


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Late to the show I see...but there is an update for GDI2CHD


Only took me 9 years to get around to it. :)

This is a Beta...some cosmetic stuff needs to be done and a few more features added.

@ Thatman84

"CHDman FE" works with v5 syntax...but it's currently more limited in what it can do vs GDI2CHD v2...mostly because I haven't updated that (CHDman FE) in like 8 years. However whats left to cover that CHDman supports, is really only for those dumping games. However AntoPISA will probably want those features since I'm back at it again for the time being.

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