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BigBox Streaming to Nvidia Shield TV

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So I'm about to take the plunge on a lifetime license of Launchbox premium for the Big Box feature, however, I have two questions before i proceed:

  1. Does anyone have any experience streaming Big Box to Nvidia Shield TV? I use RetroArch, PCSX2, and Dolphin. Will I need to set the resolutions in these emulators up separately (outside of what I setup for playing on my PC), or will Nvidia's streaming technology "automagically" handle it? 
  2. In regards to the Shield Controller --- do I need to configure it within each Emulator, or will Big Box / RetroArch / Dolphin / PCSX2 recognize as an XInput controller and work "automagically"? For context, I have gone in and setup controller schemes for my xbox one controller when I play on my PC.

Not a dealbreaker by any means, I just want to know what kind of pre-configuration I'm getting myself into -- if any. Thanks!

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Hi all,

Im having this same problem.  Signed up to Launchbox to get bigbox on my downstairs tv through my Nvidia Shield.  When i have the nvidia controller plugged into my pc via the usb cable first of all snes9x doesnt recognise it and therefore i cannot change the inputs and then via bigbox the problem is repeated.

Have the above forum members sorted out this problem pls?  if so how?





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