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Sega Saturn is a go!!! (':')>[]_|-)

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lol your content is awesome, excellent commentary,  very clear instructions and voice overs. For the life of me idk why you didn't name this one to emulation with retroarch because as clear as that tut was I had no luck.. But this tut by far the best on the net even better than youtuber Simply Austin! I couldn't get it going with his video either until this vlog... Thank you also learned how to create my own .cue files which came in handy for 10 different games! Amazing work thank you so much!

Happy Gaming!

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So, now, i've followed all the instructions, but this is the first time I've used RetroArch and have a couple of questions...


1) Nothing is happening when attempting to run a file... i've attempted both 7z and non-7zip but it just gives me the load screen then disappears - can I see a log of what's going on anywhere? I don't get any errors...

Once thats solved...

2) Can it deal with 7z or do i need to unzip my files?
3) How do I set controls?

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Thanks - realised i was being a dimwit - I had an old unused Retroarch install that had broken (couldnt download the cores) so I installed a new one.

I put the system files in the wrong Retroarch instance 🤦‍♂️


Couple of follow up questions now, it's all working,

1) n00b question - I can't seem to remap controls - how is this done?!

2) 7z does work, but it takes a while to unzip and Launchbox doesnt keep the loading screen up while it's doing that... any way for it to do that?

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