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MAME exits

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Hey everyone

first of all: I really love this software and I am gonna buy (soon enough, as everything is going to work fine) Big Box - so i am probably gonna ask many more questions since i am not really good with this kind of stuff (sorry).

Anyhow, I've come to the terrible moment when I need to make the MAME work (i did it a few times during the years, and yeah i still suck at it).
I've decided to change this old server from a Lakka distribution to Windows with LaunchBox and - for that - i have a 2003 MAME romset. All my roms are compatible with version 0.78 of MAME (with Lakka i used MAME2003 core to run games).
I tried to import just a game (Metal Slug 2, to be precise) and when i launch it with LaunchBox I get a black screen and then it goes back in the LaunchBox dash.
I followed the Youtube guide, so pretty much i had to browse to the .exe of mame and that's all. I've also already tried to download the latest version and the 0.78 version, pointing to both the .exe but i get pretty much the same result with both emulators.

I remember, back in the day, that mame needed a lot of different Bios to work with every game (i can talk about bios stuff right? I am always worried it could be against the rules, sorry in that case) so maybe i am missing that?

So, anyways, what can i do?

Keep up the good work.

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29 minutes ago, lordmonkus said:

You can check out the guide I made here:


Hi! Thank you for your answer.

I actually did what you told in your tutorial, so i used the prompt.

Anyhow when i try to launch mslug2 i wrote: 

mame64.exe mslug2

but after a black screen and loading i got this:

Error creating DirectSound: 88780078
sfix.sfix NOT FOUND (tried in mslug2 neogeo mslug2)
000-lo.lo NOT FOUND (tried in mslug2 neogeo mslug2)
sp-s2.sp1 NOT FOUND (tried in mslug2 neogeo mslug2)
sm1.sm1 NOT FOUND (tried in mslug2 neogeo mslug2)
Fatal error: Required files are missing, the machine cannot be run.

Uhm... i am guessing a thing - not sure if it helps.
I didn't install - yet - driver sounds for this pc (i installed windows 7 today).
Could that be the problem? 

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Just now, lordmonkus said:

Yeah that rom set is way out of date for that version of Mame.

You should either look into updating your romset or use a version of Mame to match your roms.

Well i don't care about updating my roms, so i am gonna go trying with an older Mame.
What about the 2004 update?

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