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Cemu 1.7.2 Public Release

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Just a heads up for those of you that emulate the Wii U. Cemu 1.7.2 has been released. You'll find the link and changelog beow. If you are playing Windwaker HD, I believe you will be pleasantly surprised!


Download: http://cemu.info/index.html#download


Cemu detailed changelog for 1.7.2c

Patreon release date: 2017-02-16

Public release date: 2017-02-23

New in 1.7.2c:

  • GX2: Fixed a bug in GX2SwapScanBuffers() that could cause the GPU command stream to get corrupted

New in 1.7.2b:

  • coreinit: Fixed a crash bug in coreinit initialization code

New in 1.7.2:

  • general: Reorganized menu options for better clarity (Some debug option stuff wasn't really for debugging)
  • general: Added option to choose fullscreen scaling mode (stretch to screen or keep aspect ratio)
  • general: Default and recommended value for CPU timer option is now 'Host based'
  • PPC: Thread emulation is now using Fibers. Technically speaking, this change was made to simplify context switching within HLE functions. It allows certain API to behave more similar to the real Cafe OS.
  • coreinit: Fixed a bug that caused MEMGetAllocatableSizeForExpHeapEx() to return negative values under certain circumstances
  • coreinit: Fixed a crash bug in MPRunTasksFromTaskQ()
  • coreinit: Added API MPDequeTask(), MPWaitTaskQWithTimeout(), MPRunTask()
  • coreinit: Fixed rare deadlock in alarm handler
  • VPAD: Fixed fullscreen touch input for non-16:9 displays
  • GX2: Fixed that under certain circumstances GX2WaitTimeStamp() could return immediately due to the low accuracy of the internally used timer (affected only 'Host based timer')
  • GX2: Added support for texture format R16_G16_B16_A16_SNORM
  • GX2: Added support for sampler2DRect textures
  • GX2: Unsupported instructions in a GS Copyshader will no longer cause a crash
  • GX2: Fixed texelFetch() accessing textures upside-down if ARB_clip_control is used
  • GX2: Adjusted handling of vsync and flip event to decrease latency
  • GX2: Optimized texture encoding & decoding
  • GX2: Optimized frequently used GX2 API
  • GX2: Optimized various parts of the GPU command processor
  • GX2: Fixed incorrect mapping of GS->PS attributes if gl_FragCoord is used
  • GX2: Fixed handling of GS input primitive LINE_STRIP
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I take my mlc01, keys.tx and my shader directory and move it to the new Cemu directory. Settings text should not be transferred over. It's a small pain to reconfig your controller, but a best practice to follow. 

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Sweet, CEMU is progressing fairly nicely. It sucks they have such sweeping changes constantly, but that's what you gotta expect this early on. xD

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I see Simply Austin has been doing trials with both Cemu and most recently Citra (for the 3DS). Both have been performing impressively.

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