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Zombeaver's Playlist Clear Logos

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I figured I might as well start a thread for this as it's something I'll be working on more in the future. Currently I'm tied up in a couple big projects but will be getting back to these once they're done, with some obvious ones to get out of the way - RPGs, Beat 'em Ups, etc.





Normal - Version 2:


Scanlines - Version 2:


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On 3/5/2017 at 7:26 PM, keltoigael said:

Slipped under the radar. Looks good. I think I am going to use the scanline versions just for the playlist.

Yeah I suggested to Jason that we create a new forum/download section specifically for Playlist media. I think that'll be happening at some point; probably when 7.8 stable is released.

Here's one for RPGs, featuring my favorite non-PC RPG of all time: Suikoden II.





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Like always really love them ;)
Amazing job @Zombeaver
Thanks to share with all of us.

I like the idea to put the playlist with the genre like you did.

I don't know if you could do some like Top 100 or Top 50
For exemple Top 50 or 100 SNES, Genesis and so on.
Also one for Top 100 of all time.
Maybe one for Best Couch/Local Multiplayer.

Thanks Again


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Those are some good ideas! I'll consider doing those. I guess the only issue with a "top" logo is that obviously not everybody's going to agree on what's "top" for a platform haha; which will be relevant to the images I use. Granted, that's kindof an issue already with the logos I make (I used Suikoden II above because I love it, but it's not necessarily considered "iconic" overall), but still.

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True, but the way I see it. You take your time to share it with us.
The picture doesn't really matter in my opinion. You are the one making them so you choose what you want. You didn't need to share with all of us but you do it.
The most important I think is more the style of each clear logo. I'm sure almost everyone will take them because they are using the CityHunter Theme :P like I do.

Can't wait to see some new one arrive and I'm sure the community as well is looking forward for them ;)

On a side note I really love Suikoden II not my favorite of all time but definitely in my Top 5 of all RPGs.
Such a masterpiece :)


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Here are a couple for Fighters:

Normal (Genjuro):


Scanlines (Genjuro):


Normal (Samurai Shodown 6):


Scanlines (Samurai Shodown 6):


Normal (Samurai Shodown 6) - Version 2:


Scanlines (Samurai Shodown 6) - Version 2:


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