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Minimum or Maximum specs for Bigbox?

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Hi all, A Lot of people are now joining our wonderful community. Which is great to see. But they often have questions about Bigbox and what they need to be able to reproduce the things they have seen in the videos. Sometimes the videos look wonderful on youtube, but there personal rig cant perform as well. So I'm starting a thread with my specs, I am going to point out my exact specs and how well Bigbox runs for me. I really hope others will join in and post there pc specs, so that a newcomer can just say, "yep thats me" spec wise, and jump right in.


i5 -3750k

16gb ddr 3

gtx 770 2gb

Bigbox runs perfectly on this system.



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I run LB/BB on both an Insignia and Asus tablet with an Atom z3740 processor and 1GB and 2GB RAM respectively. In order to use the program in LB you have to turn off the RAM cache completely and in BB its best to turn down the image quality turn off transactions also because of the size of the storage (32GB eMMC and 200GB microSD) image resources are kept to front boxes only. BB on the tablets isn't snappy butit is passable to mess around and game on a car ride or while waiting on an appointment

That is my absolute minimum specs for barebones usage.

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I also run it full performance on

  1. Core i7 4770 16GB RAM Nvidia GeForce GTX 960
  2. Core i5 6500 16GB RAM Nvidia GeForce GTX 750TI
  3. Core i5 6500 16GB DDR4 RAM Nvidia GeForce GTX 750TI
  4. Core i5 3330S 8GB RAM Nvidia GeForce GTX 950
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There really isn't a proper answer for your question, as there are too many factors to consider in the builds (such as what emulators you're using, the size of your library, and any regular PC games/applications you're running alongside it). If there's a specific feature or functionality that you're having problems running, it'd be easier to be more specific so that it could be narrowed down to code, option settings, or bottlenecks on your system. 


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I don't quite understand what you're asking either Neil, but I will try and answer broadly. I will say, I see most people come and ask that question without knowing what their PC does, what Big Box does, and they throw an entirely full library at it.

First, it can totally be the PC. If someone has been using a PC for 10 years, hasn't done much maintenance on it or a re-install, extra software, clogged OS, viruses, bugs, those can all cause issues first, and most people just assume it's LaunchBox or Big Box's fault because "other front ends run". So re-installing the OS on a well worn system, or at the very least running IOBit Advanced System Care, Malwarebytes AntiMalware and IOBit's Driver Booster will get your PC in to shape. ASC has tons of amazing tools.

Otherwise, there are tons of OS tweaks you can make, to turn off processes you don't need, turn the UI in to the old school one, reduce running and start up applications, changing AV software even. There's tons and tons of things you can do.

There can also be hardware failure, and it doesn't need to happen like a switch where suddenly something is seriously broken. Replacing the thermal paste on your CPU, cleaning out the dust from all corners of your machine, re-seating RAM, cleaning the contacts on your RAM and GPU, making sure extra hardware isn't needlessly plugged in, it can all add up to a generally unstable machine (especially dust and heat).

Past that, some hardware is aging. People think, well, "I spent $1000 on this 5 years ago, it's still perfect", and that's not quite true. As far as I know, Jason keeps up with the latest standards, that's why when Microsoft officially drops support of an OS, when our dependencies drop it, we do to. Like Derek said too, you can reduce the quality of images, the amount of images, transitions, RAM Cache (though it doesn't effect Big Box if I recall), so there are things you can do to help your performance. I wouldn't call a GTX770 a slouch for emulation, but only Big Box takes advantage of GPU's (LaunchBox might as well, but in a much smaller fashion), and things rely a lot on your CPU. I don't know what GHz that CPU is off the top of my head, but when people ask for suggestions I always say not to go back more than a few years. a 4k or 5k i5 / i7 would be the farthest back I suggest. It's not solely for LB/BB's sake either, it's for the stability of the entire system.

So again, im not quite sure the question, but there you go.

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I use the RetroFresh Detailed theme. It runs perfect on my personal

i7 4770 @ 3.8GHZ



GTX 980 4GB

I've also been building a Bigbox system using the same theme on some old hardware - a Dell Optiplex 960 Small Form Factor. Everything loads up quick, but scrolling through the titles there can be slight latency(like half a second to a second) loading videos. It's still seamless enough to not need to change the theme

Intel Core 2 Duo @ 3.0GHZ


500GB HD

ATI Radeon 7940

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