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Hello everyone,


I've been playing around with the Launchbox software for a month or so and decided to jump in today and purchase premium. I cleaned up my roms and have very limited space on the target pc so I wanted to start from scratch. I was seeing that I needed to delete the Launchbox.xml file but couldn't find that so I figured I'd just delete the whole folder. I did the reinstall and it's still has my platforms and gamelists so I must have missed the file. 


What do I need to do to start from scratch?


PC setup:


Launchbox 7.7

installed to C:\Users\<user>\LaunchBox

roms and emulators on a different drive

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The LaunchBox.xml doesn't exist anymore, all of that resides in your Data folder. If you delete your Platform XML's (there's one for each of your platforms), it will remove all information related to them, and the games. This way though you can keep media and settings. I would suggest deleting your videos, manuals and music folders manually though, as the Image Clean Up touches images, but this way when you re-import you also won't have to re-download all of your images.

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