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N64 USB controller and replacement analog sticks

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Hey guys!

This is my first post here... but I've been using Launchbox for a while now, and absolutely love it! :D

Anyway, I was just curious about something.  Today, I received some USB N64 controllers and while they're fully functional, the analog sticks are somewhere between functional and terrible.  Now, I see that it's possible to replace the analog sticks on official N64 controllers.  I'm actually quite interested in getting the GameCube replacement.  But I'd like to know if anyone here has had any experience replacing the stick on one of these unofficial N64-USB controllers (either from Retrobit, or anywhere else).

Given that I just got mine today and haven't gotten around to opening it up, yet.  I'll probably do that sometime tomorrow.  I wanted to ask you guys first though... Do you think it's do-able or am I wasting my time?  Are the guts inside the controllers pretty much the same?  

Any input would be appreciated!

Thanks! :) 

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Hey, thanks for the video.  That's quite interesting.  If it really is that much different, maybe I'll go for this one instead.  It's supposed to be more like the original N64 stick.

That said, I'm sure either of them will be leaps and bounds better than the current stick! :P

However, I'm still uncertain if these replacement sticks even work on the USB controllers... I guess I'll have a better idea once I actually open up one of mine.  Although, I was hoping someone here had already done that!

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