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problems loading library and finding metadata format?

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hello forum members i tried searching ahead of time but am not coming up with much and with being new hopefully someone might remember a link to a thread which can explain the few problems i am having.

library maintenance 

*having a few whole series when trying to load a library the system will not retrieve the metadata because my library is in numerical order on release title instead of just title name ((example: 0002-Need for speed -underground 2 (U) and 1665-Need for speed pro street (U) )) now seeing that i have an entire library of 6400 NDS roms that is a lot of editing to change each one to just the name. So i dont know if there is a work around to this particular problem?

*Scanning library's is for some reason not working example my wife and i found the 2 .hack gu games we have been looking for and when adding them to the storage folder that is mapped the system. I then went to the tools menu and went to scan for added roms and it will not detect any changes to the folder.To test the theory i even took a few folders out to see if it would detect the removal and it did not detect the absence of said roms.

* I was wondering if there is a way to show on my main screen the consoles of my choice? not that i dont love my older systems i am trying to work through certain consoles and when it shows as all it is very distracting i was thinking maybe i can just show favorites or just the system that i am trying to play through before i move on to the next system?


again i am sorry if these have been discussed as other issues or if there are any walkthroughs on these problems and if so could anyone hyperlink it for me?

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For NDS I used Bulk File Renamer to edit out the numbers in the folders and then during import I used the use folder name checkbox in the import wizard.

Okay I'm going to assume that you didn't move your ROMs into the LB games folder which is the default path that LB scans when looking for the added media so you will have to go to manage platforms choose your system and click edit once in the next form go to the folders tab and change the game path to the one that you are actually using and then try to rescan again and see if you get different results from before.

In the side bar (left hand side) switch the category from All to that platforms and it will show a list of platforms that you have set up once you click one of them it should only show the games for that platform.

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Thank you so much DOS76 the renamer worked like a charm! Also you where right with the folders still being in there stock directory and that was fixed right up as welll within 20 minutes all problems fixed!

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