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Import MS-DOS Games Wizard + eXoDOS 2.0 (some games not importing)


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I am having trouble adding some DOS games to Launchbox from eXoDOS 2.0, a downloadable collection of DOS games.

First, I downloaded eXoDOS 2.0. The games come zipped, so I unzipped a few or my favorites and placed them in a folder. I opened LaunchBox, clicked Tools > Import > MS-DOS Games.  This opened the Import MS-DOS Games Wizard. I added the folder with the games I unzipped. I clicked Next, then Use the files in their current location. LaunchBox parsed the files and said the games are ready to import. But two of the games are not listed and do not import. These are:

Star Wars -  Rebel Assault II - The Hidden Empire (1995)
Whale's Voyage (1993)

I do not see an option in the Import Wizard to add the missing games. Below I am adding screenshots of the Wizard so you can see Whale's Voyage and Star Wars -  Rebel Assault II - The Hidden Empire (1995) are missing.

I am also adding images of the files in the unzipped folders for Star Wars and Whale's Voyage.

I think the cause may be that the files are not in .exe or .bat format like the other games that imported.

Is there a way to import the missing games through the Wizard or individually?






Star Wars 0.PNG

Star Wars 1.PNG

Star Wars 2.PNG

Whales Voyage 0.PNG

Whales Voyage 1.PNG

Whales Voyage 2.PNG

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It looks like those games weren't imported because they're not normal DOS Games. They look to be ScummVM games. So even if they are DOS, they don't have an exe, bat or com file to attach it's self to.

Also, if you run an import again, then the importer will only add games you haven't imported already, so it skips duplicates automatically.

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I don't think either of those are SCUMMVM games but I know some DOS games don't install to the hard drive, they might copy some data over or they might just have a directory on the hard drive for save games.

The executables remain on the CD and are ran from there. What you could do is mount the CD, find the executables and then create a batch file that runs that exe/bat/com

So for instance if theres a voyage.exe on the whale's voyage cd and you're mounting your games in dosbox as D: you would just create a batch file in the game directory on your hard drive which read something like


It's a bit of a hassle but if you did create a batch file for each of those games it would mean they would be picked up without a problem if you ever had to reimport your dos datbase for some reason.

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