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Control issues in MESS

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Hey guys, got an odd issue in MESS that I can't find an obvious answer to, mostly due to how convoluted MESS is as a piece of software. It's worth noting straight up that I've installed and configured MESS exactly as the Launchbox youtube video on it shows to.

So... the problem! I'm using MESS to run Atari 2600, 5200, 7800, Lynx, and the ColecoVision - and all of them load etc just fine, however my mapped controls in MESS (using a wired xbox360 controller FYI) only work on the Atari 7800 and the Lynx. The other 3 systems (2600, 5200, ColecoVision) don't respond to any button presses etc. The ROMs load and work etc, but my input mappings do nothing!

My natural assumption is that I need a custom config for those systems, but the doco and articles on MESS control configs are archaic at best... any of you fine folk able to assist me with how I get controls working for these systems?

Many thanks in advance!

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@SentaiBrad which one is the latest that you're referring too? That Vectrex or ColecoVision MESS ones? I've watched the older Atari5200 and Emulating MAME (which shows RetroArch core use as well, which I chose to use RetroArch for ease of use). Sounds like using the latest MAME is going to be a better alternative, just want to get the right tutorial before I start configuring :)

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