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FCEUX for famicom disk system

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The reason I started using this over the retroarch core or even Nestopia, is because It seems FCEUX was the only only one I could get to work on flipping disk from Side A to Side B on some roms. The problem is with FCEUX, when I launch a game it's sometimes crashing LaunchBox and BigBox. Anyone else use FCEUX and have their launchbox settings I can compare to that has it working? Or know how to flip disks using retroarch or another emulator for the disk system?

Playing Doki Doki Panic is easy to me flipping disks with FCEUX, but lost with getting to flip with any of the other emulators.


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To flip disks in Retroarch using either Nestopia or Fceumm you first press R1 to eject the disk, the L1 to flip the disk and then R1 again to re-insert the disk. After the second pressing of R1 if you did it correctly the game will continue on the way it should. R1 and L1 are the defaults when using an Xbox controller but you can change them.

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