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In my Bartop I used a Baytrail Mini PC with 2 GB ram for two years with Launchbox . 
Work amazing with 
Nes, Snes, Genesis , Master System , Turbo Grafx , TG CD ROM and MAME . 

With Mame I could never use HLSL filters, but I found a mask that does not regret the HLSL filters and With retroarch i use Shaders lite and rock! :) 

After making a subscription to Emumovies, I have also downloaded the videos . 
As long as I add video for 3 platforms, my old Baytrail still holds very well, but if I put videos on all platforms, then Ram's lack of feel

So I decided to change PC, and I ordered a Mini PC with Apollo Lake n4200

18010542_1342673465768314_68456595673047host immaginicertificity.com

My choice fell on Beelink ap42


Brand: Beelink 
Model: AP42 
Type: Mini PC 
System: Windows 10 
CPU: Intel Pentium N4200  Core: Quad Core 
GPU: Intel HD Graphic 505
RAM: 4 gb Type: DDR3 
ROM: 64G

Inside Slot for SSD 42mm

Every time I bought something from China, I always had to wait 1 month before arriving in Italy.
I hope this will arrive soon, I have selected DHL (EU)

Who knows with this new hardware where I can push with the emulation, who knows if I can enable MAME's HLSL filters.
Surely with 4gb of RAM, launchbox will take a bit of breath:;)



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1 minute ago, lordmonkus said:

You won't be able to use HLSL or any shaders in Mame (standalone), you will need a dedicated GPU to use them. But in Retroarch you should be able to use the lighter weight shaders like CRT-Pi.

Yep ,  Hyllian Fast, and CRT-pi work amazing , 

Now this is Apollo Lake  , see benchmark


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In short, a new experiment will be launched with a friend, very experienced in creating Bartop

15027506_1093555100765312_81649389790671hostare immaginicertificity.com


This photo was made with a multigame Chinese card, which has a bad result. So I told my friend to make one with Mini PC and LaunchBox.

Monitor is 10 inc ( HDMI/VGA) . 

18083487_10209276830660227_2080698100_o.host imagecertificity.com

For this NANO Bartop, I chose a Mini PC Cherrytrail

CPU Intel Atom x5-Z8350 Processor (2M Cache, up to 1.84 GHz)

Gpu Intel HD Graphics

OS Windows10 OS
HD 32GB 1000Mbps
LAN Bluetooth 4.0 WIFI IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n 2.4G+5.8G 


As soon as the work begins, I'll show you a video ;)

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Well Beelink Ap42 He came to my house.

This mini PC is amazing , Really very different from mini PC baytrail and Cherrytrail , Even the all-aluminum manufacturing is exceptional, as well as the very fast Samsung internal memory and Apollo Lake which does not make you feel the lack of a desktop PC.

What works excellent by default is
BigBox FULL (work perfect with all Eye Candy ) 

Retroarch 64 bit (Nes,Snes ,Genesis,PcEngine,PCECDROM,MasterSystem etc) 
Mame 64 bit 

Model 2 Sega (Nebula ) 

Epsxe Playstation


What still does not work well with the default parameters

Dolphin  ( 70 to 100% framerate , up and down) 

Epcsx2  (like dolphin , 70 to 100 , 70 to 100 ) 

I did not have time to try the other things yet. I would like to try reincast from retroarch, or NullDC for dremcast

On youtube I saw videos where a lot of people were running PS2, Dreamcast very well with Cpu Cherrytrail which is much lower than Apollo Lake, so you have to find the right  setting , Plug in etc.

Do you have any questions ? Suggestions what to try and?

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Just now, DOS76 said:

Does Intel HD graphics support Vulkan is so try switching Dolphin to it and see if it improves anything

Beat me to it!! I was going to suggest the same thing there, i use the ishiruka branch and get much better performance on that vs vanilla dolphin, (mmmm vanilla dolphin :))  admittedly thats on a dedicated gpu but gains are gains right, so i would assume as its such a new intel chip that vulkan would be supported and you may see better performance there.

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I don't use the Ishiruka build (which could also aid in your performance) but on the latest beta version of Dolphin I see pretty solid performance increases especially on Metroid games when using Vulkan

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dovella, could please confirm if dolphin ishiiruka dx12 works full speed on the n4200 mini pc you acquired?


I have a z8300 mini pc, but it is still not enough to play mario kart double dash decently (35 ~ 45 fps).


I'm planning to buy a n4200 mini pc if it works fine with dolphin



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