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Ultimate arcade setup?

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Hi, new to LaunchBox and first post here. I've come over from the land of Retropie, where a few hard working folks have compiled a merged Arcade set by working out the best emulator for each game from MAME2003, MAME2010 and FBA, all placed into a single Arcade folder with a config file to tell the system which emulator to load for each game. This approach avoids having multiple versions of the same game on board and the struggle of having to remember which core to use for each game.

I'd like to use a similar setup in LaunchBox on the PC, but there are a couple of differences this time round:

- The extra power from the PC means some games may be more playable in later MAME versions (Retropie advise sticking to MAME2003 by default due to its lower power requirements over later, more accurate MAME versions)

- I'm not sure of the best way to implement a setup like this in LB, but I guess it would involve trimming down the ROM set for each emulator to avoid duplicates, importing them as separate systems, then creating a merged 'Arcade' playlist?


Has anybody worked on something similar before? Surely others have tried something similar to go through the game list and document which games are best to run in MAME and which ones to run in FBA for example? Not to mention all the other arcade emulators available on the PC platform!


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