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Retroarch Dolphin core

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Hi all, has anybody had any experiance with the new(ish) Dolphin Retroarch core? Just trying to setup a few Gamecube games, but all I seem to get is a blank screen, with the game music playing?  Wanted to really use the Retroarch core if possible, instead of running Dolphin as an emulator.

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The Retroarch core for Dolphin is still extremely early in development and not usable yet. As for when it will become usable and to what level is any ones guess but my money won't be on it being close to the stand alone anytime soon. Who knows though, maybe the Retroarch devs will surprise me and make it really awesome quickly.

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On 5/22/2017 at 8:07 AM, Enverex said:

Just a heads up, it's not a real core, it's just a wrapper for Dolphin so I'd very much advise against trying to get it to work right now as there really isn't much point.

Just here to clear of the misinformation. You are probably thinking of the "Libretro-Dolphin-launcher". But Dolphin has actually been ported over and is a real core.

Links for reference.

Libretro-Retro-launcher (Wrapper)

People in the libretro forum talking about compiling the newish Dolphin core.

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Heres a small video I made of it working :}




As for OP youre better off still using Dolphin the meulate GC/Wii games for now until the core in RetroArch is more stable.

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Used to have this trouble of blank screen while launching dolphin on retroarch. Choosing the following settings in the retroarch menu fixed it for me :

Settings -> User Interface -> Show advanced settings -> "on"

Settings -> Core -> Enable Hardware Shared Context -> "on"

Works fine on Retroarch 1.5 and 1.6


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