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A way to launch shockwave flash games on launchbox 

1.Extract all files into launchbox plugin folder

2.Start new platform as flash , and point emulator to dummy.exe(optional)

3.Launch by right clicking on flash game and launch with AxLaunchBox

4. Enjoy



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Hey this is really great! I am also getting the weird maximize minimize close buttons glitch mentioned in the development thread. My only other complaint is could you arrange this so that the dlls go into a subfolder inside the LB Plugins folder? So far this is the only plugin that I have that asked to be installed in that folder directly (no subfolder) but if that becomes a standard practice, the plugin folder is going to become a mess really quickly.

Other than that, this works great. Thanks for the hard work!

Oh, and I'm not sure if this is possible but can you have the game exit with the esc key? :D

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