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Import other language: can't see them! (edit: another bug, game disappears)

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Hi !

I imported the first sets of roms by putting all French (or European) and USA roms at the same time, and I've got this :Screenshot_63.png.4602d2ca863a737d018de81e6bc92b48.png

Good !

For my Playstation and Playstation 2 isos, I first imported USA roms, then I imported the French ones. But they don't appear !

Screenshot_64.png.7f6139f01dff797e9e57dfbb7758132d.pngSo, my questions:

1- What can I do?
2- Another thing : when we click on the "Play" text, can we choose in LaunchBox something like "choose USA first". It always launch European games first.

Thanks a lot for your help !! :)


Edit : for my first question, I tried to delete one game and then re-import it with the French and US versions and it works. But I don't want to do this with all my games. :( (If I delete a game, it remove images and my connexion here is very slow) And I don't want ether to edit each game and adding roms with the "Add Application" tab... Did I missed a simple solution ?

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I've found another bug :

I have a 2 roms for one game : US version and European version. The two games combined like that :

Screenshot_63.png.18a72b910f04493f73e283ea7f5c4aab.pngIf I delete file of the European version and then do a scan :

Screenshot_65.thumb.png.c9149398aaa75fc166ccb9f00267ac3e.pngThe other version disappear from LaunchBox !


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