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YouTube & Arcade Video Snap Downloader

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I have created my own YouTube & Arcade Snap / Videopreview downloader.

It's not super pretty but works pretty well.

Arcade is perfect because i use progettosnaps direct download, consoles are OK'ish... i currently try to limit the search results to one provider to eliminate false positives.

So if that channel doesn't have the video for your game, you might get something strange... BUT I ADDED A SKIP BUTTON! :D

If you know any other youtube channels that provide game previews than arcade forever feel free to leave  a comment and i'll take a look at it :)



Unzip the file and put the folder in your Launchbox/Plugins/ dir.


Usage :

Rightclick a game or games and choose get snaps,

click yes for consoles etc., click no for arcade / mame.

Hit Download, wait, done.

Btw. if you're wondering why there is an .exe file... well i'll probably make it standalone too to scan the whole library and im lazy so i didn't want to start two projects :D


I have uploaded a video of it in action here:



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4 hours ago, Resident Stevil said:

Plugin doesn't find the correct video associated with the game title, and skip button doesn't seem to work.

As mentioned in my intro post: "So if that channel doesn't have the video for your game, you might get something strange."

However, thanks for mentioning the thing with the skip button, i only tested it with multiple games to be honest.

Have you tested other games / consoles? How were the results?


Edit: Seems like chaos legion is a rare gem, only old gameplay videos, no snaps (not even for hyperspin) and the short videos i found were in toaster quality. ^_^

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