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While building my youtube & progetto scraper, i noticed that there is not a single public resource to view and maybe get video previews of ALL systems.

This is the reason why i have started the channel "Archive of Game Emulation" or AGE for short.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQFnHbktEWR_1gozbUuXr6A/

I'm currently uploading all my amiga videos, which is gonna take a while because i can only upload 50 - 100 videos every day and i have collected LOTS of previews for other systems over the years.

If you have any interest, please subscribe, as every subscription helps to make the channel more valid and it will be less likely to be killed by youtube for uploading so many videos ;)

I make no money at all from this, monetization is disabled globally for the whole channel.

Any feedback would be appreciated. (I still need to upload channel graphics etc. sorry) :D

Thanks. :)

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