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Suggestion Idea For The Future?

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Hello and good morning guys!

I am so happy That I've purchased LaunchBox! Now i have this cool idea we play our games.
The old games having achievements, also i think you can create your own. It would be a lovely combination,
leaderboards, all of the cool stuff. 

I'd love to see this happen 
Retro Achievements


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Just now, neil9000 said:

Retro achievements was on the last community poll and got a lot of votes, so should be coming at some point in the future.

Here are the results of the last poll.



Wow thats amazing!! Wish i didn't miss out on all the good and hard work making everything better, feel free to use my idea for global leaderboards.
This is also pretty cool, i know you can play roms online I'd love to see this integrated into LB like a standalone MP app. 

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